Fishing Report:

The Yellowfin Tuna Bite Has Been Going Off In Venice Louisiana!

Author: Fish Can't Hide

2016 Venice Yellowfin Tuna Bite

A couple months ago we had a blast fishing with Cpt. Jimmy Nelson and Luiza. Here they are with a fat yellowfin

Tuna On The Gaff
Gaff shot on a nice yellowfin tuna, these things were swarming!

Tripled up on yellowfin tuna. Our trip with Jimmy & Luiza was full of action!

The yellowfin out here can get fat. This fat girl put up one heck of a fight.
Lifting another yellowfin into the boat.
Lit Up Yellowfin Tuna
Love this shot of this LIT up yellowfin tuna
These things are a blast on poppers. Its awesome to see them come up an SMACK a popper!
Yet another yellowfin on a popper!

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