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Author: Tyler Feijoo

Fishing For Winter Trout In Tampa Bay

Its that time of the year to fill your freezers this trout was caught on a 1/0 EuPro Circle Hook, 20lb Bullbuster Braid30lb Bullbuster Fluoro, 2500 Series Penn Conflict, and a Lite Star Rod 8ft. Free lining white baits under docks! We got out of the wind and started to dock fish for snook up the rivers and we are getting a lot of by catch! Everything from Trout, redfish, snook, drum, to tarpon.

Spotted Sea Trout In Tampa Bay

Also another way to target these monster trout is find a nice clean seaweed/sand bottom in about 2-4 feet and slow drift white bait or shrimp under corks adjust leader size depending on the depth you are fishing. If having a tough time catching live bait or your local bait shop is out of stock I have a alternative for you. Go to your local Walmart/Sporting goods store and purchase a couple Popping Corks and some D.O.A shrimp adjust lengths of leader due to depth. Also Mirrolure Famous Mirrodine is a great way to target trout and other predatory fish!

If you want to enjoy this awesome Fishery with me Contact Me @ 813-531-1933 to Book Your Trip Today! I have plenty of openings left this month come help me break in this new boat!

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Captain Tyler Feijoo


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Sticking Pigz Tournament Report 

Well me and Cat. Steve Brown Lee set out to win the Sticken Pigz Tournament for the third year in the row. Well we managed to catch all the right species but not the size we wanted. We ended up going grocery shopping !!!!! Man are RedfishTrout and Flounder are good !

Sticking Pigs Redfish!

May Bull Reds In Tampa Bay

Well me and Capt. Thomas Dominguez set out to catch some afternoon Redfish and was it a success! We had endless double and triple ups it was non stop we caught 20 BULLREDFISH in 3 hours it was a great time ! 

Tampa Bull Reds In May

Bull Red Charter In May (Tampa Bay)

Me and my good friend Capt. Thomas Dominguez took my boat out after work pursuing the Redfish and BAMMMMMM! First bait in the water we crushed a 30inch Red. Biggest of the day was 35 1/2 inches! Caught 12 in 2 hours. RNR IS GOOD!!! Get out there and give it a go. Its that time of year where the the BIG school of reds will Start showing!! Get out and fish !!

Catch Big Reds On  A Charter In Tampa Bay

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