Fishing Report:

The SECRET To Catching Fish On A Pier (Juno Pier Report)

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

How To Catch Snook On Juno Pier

It's that time of year again! Juno Pier snook fishing is red hot right now, as the annual snook spawn commences. Giant breeding Female fish and smaller juvenile males surround the pier, every year from May-July with June and July being the two big months for snook getting it on. 

I always love fishing this pier as it brings back a lot of memories for me, from my younger days. Just seeing the mass amount of linesiders in crystal clear waters is a sick sight. 

Hooked Up To A Snook On Juno Pier

Well I fished the pier this past week, and although it wasn't off the chain, there were some fish to be caught. We started out catching bait, mainly croakers and big Mojara as we always do. These two baits get finicky snook to eat, when nothing else wont and they also produce the biggest fish, just based on the sheer size of the bait. 

Small Circle Hooks Do The Trick For Snook On Juno

After gathering about 20 or so big baits, we headed to the Tee of the pier as this is where most of the fish reside during the heat of the day. First drop down resulted in a 34 in fish for my buddy mike. A local kid hooked up right next to me as well and landed a 37 in fish.

Snook Release Juno Pier

The next hour or so, was pretty consistent with bites from overslot fish. I broke off on two giant fish that frayed through my 100lb fluorocarbon leader. After that bite slowed down, I decided to go mess around with some surf snook. I was using a 1/0 circle hook and 40lb bullbuster fluorocarbon leader. I managed to catch and release 6 snook in 30 minutes. No size to them, but all fun fish to see blow up your pilchard on top in crystal clear water.

The Secret You've Been Waiting For:

Juno Pier Snook Fishing Secrets

One SECRET that i utilize that gave me an edge that day was to bite a small portion of the pilchard tail off before casting him out. I have done this for years, and it works. The reason being that the snook want a lively, sporadic fast bait, but a lot of times the pilchard moves to fast for the snook to catch on flatline. So by cutting his tail you can slow your bait down giving you greater control, but still repeating the benefits of sporadic bat. It may be completely unnecessary, but hey it works for me and I'm going with it lol. 

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