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The Official Plugs Of Carson's Charters

Author: Ryan Carson

As some of you know the official plug builder for Carsons Charters LLC is John Hudler. Owner and creator of Team Scabelly. These plugs will be featured mostly on catch and release trip but will still be able to be used on regular striper trips. Not only can you get a great day of fishing in but you can also get a great chance to try out some awesome plugs to see which types or color patterns you want to add to your arsenal. The first order of 2019 is almost complete adding 40 new plugs to the Charters collection. Below are some descriptions and pictures to give you a better idea of some of the plugs that we use when striper fishing.

Scabellys Plugs 2019

3.5" 1oz Fast Sink Glider  

Can be thrown anywhere, surf, inlets, rivers, in the bay, etc.

Best presentation is when thrown up current, allow it to sink, then with as slow of a retrieve as possible, very slight twitch every few cranks.

5" 2 1/4oz Fast Sink Glider

Can be thrown in the same settings as 3.5" glider, and is fished with the same presentation.

6" 2 3/4oz Slow Sink Glider

Can be thrown in same settings as smaller sizes, however its perfect for shallow water (flats or shallow bay areas). Using same presentation as smaller sizes.

Darters ranging from sizes 3.5" 1oz to 6" 3oz

Best setting for Darters is places with current. They are built to "dig in" and dart side to side without rhythm. Casting up current, first few cranks are very quick to push the plug beneath the surface then slow to medium retrieve.

3.5" 1oz Peanut Swimmer

This plug is built to be fished at your feet in a shore break in the surf. Casted roughly 10' out and allow receding waves to create the plugs action.

3.5" 1oz Danny

Setting and presentation are the same as the peanut swimmer

6" 3oz Danny

Great in any setting in which you may see large bait, ie bunker or herring.

Presentation is slowest retrieve possible allowing this plug to swim, with a waggle, along the surface.

 5" 2oz Surfster

One of my "goto" plugs when fishing the fall run. A very buoyant plug, slow retrieve will have this plug swimming along the surface leaving a nice wake.

Jointed Swimmer Ranging from 6"-8" and from 2-2.5oz

John is able to joint just about any of my metal lipped swimmers. Instead of a rolling swimming action, these will have more of an eel like action.

Poppers ranging from 3.5" 1oz to 7" 4oz.

Poppers can be fished anywhere for many species of fish, even freshwater.

Tail weighted, poppers are well known for their casting distance. Slow to medium retrive, with frequent twitches to cause the plug to splash.

Spooks either 3.5" 1oz or 5" 2oz

Spooks are a highly underused plug. "Walking the dog" is a motion very attractive to many species of fish, again including freshwater.

Tail weighted, they are another distance casting plug. My personal presentation of a spook is rod tip down to my side, and using a firm steady twitch, causing the spook to move side to side. Including the occasional stall, stop your retrieve and POW FISH ON!

6" 2oz or 7" 3oz Low Float Spook

Presented in the same fashion as my other spook. Difference between the 2 spooks is, the low float spook is chin weighted to sit just a touch lower on the water surface creating a deep wake.

Canal Style Pencil ranging from 5" 1oz to 9" 4 1/4oz

Heavily tail weighted, this plug will "cast a mile".  A big hit up in the Cape Cod Canal the last few years, but can be fished anywhere.

Rod tip up, rod butt between your knees, one hand turning reel, medium to fast retrieve,  and other hand holding rod with the line pinched between 2 fingers to avoid wind knots. With  a firm thrashing of the rod tip, this plug will "dance" along water’s surface imitating an injured fish trying to avoid being eaten.


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