Fishing Report:

The Morning Wood (Snook Dock Fishing)

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Snook Fishing Along Docks

"I figured deeper pilings would be holding fish... boy was I wrong.. Ryan ended up out-fishing me 2:1"

With the crazy NE wind we had this past weekend, shark fishing or anything involving the ocean was completely out of the question! Seas were rough, but the fishing was smooth for us. We decided to fish the West side of the Indian River lagoon, in hopes that the stirred up water and poor visibly would have the fish chewing! Well the fish were certainly there and biting, even if the biggest snook was only 20inches long. 

Wade Fishing For Snook

When we approached each dock I figured the deeper pilings would be holding fish as, no fish would want to be subject to the rough turbulence of the shallow waves created by the New wind. 

Fishing Docks For Snook

Boy was I wrong and it was proven when my buddy Ryan ended up out-fishing me 2:1 as he was fishing all the shallow docks and I stuck out deeper, ignorantly taking water on in my waders. I figure the snook were staged up shallow to feed on all the shrimp, minnows and other life being swept in violently onto shore.

My Smallest Snook Ever
This was the smallest snook I have ever caught!

It was certainly a learning experience and that is what fishing is about. The more time you spend on the water whether inshore or offshore the more you know. Every trip is another tool to add to your box of knowledge! 

Skinny Snook
This snook needed to fatten up!

We ended up catching around 16 snook between the two of us and had blast as, many of the fish practically ate at our feet. 

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