Fishing Report:

The Great Summer Slump

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

This past week in the New Smyrna Beach, Spruce Creek area the fishing has been incredibly slow. I honestly don't know what is going on. I have been going at all the right times and using the rights lures and live baits and I have been coming home as well as many of my fellow anglers.

In the backwaters of New Smyrna Beach it has been a struggle to even put a decent fish in the boat. We managed to put a slot red in the boat after a very slow morning of throwing artificial lures. The slot red came on a cut finger mullet fished on the bottom. However I have seen tarpon rolling and red fish tailing. They are just not going for lures or bait. I am expecting the fishing to heat back up after the labor day weekend.

In Spruce Creek area it has been slow as well. I always fish this area when the fishing is on the slow side. Even this area has produced a minimal number of fish. We have hooked up to a few juvenile tarpon but they all spat the hook within the first 30 seconds of the fight. We were using DOA CAL's on a 1/4oz jig head.

In New Smyrna on and around the causeways it has been virtually dead. None of my friends and  I have caught anything at night off of the causeways. We have fished both from boat and land but regardless no hook ups. We have been throwing Flairhawks and  9inch Spoolteks. I do expect the bite to pick up within the next 2 weeks and with the upcoming mullet run it should be a great time to hit these areas.

Good Luck and Tightlines

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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