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Winter Bass Fishing In Maryland

Big Maryland Largemouth Bass

Elise with a BIG Largemouth on the Glide Bait!

 "We found a prime wind blown secondary point to target, with a small channel the shad would be forced to funnel through"

Hunting for pre-spawn bass in Maryland can be quite the challenge.  It's hard to determine when the bass will begin spawning when the temperature is inconsistent. Extreme low temperatures one day and the next day it's 60 degrees, then back to low 30's. Makes it difficult to pattern the bass. So many things to analyze from weather conditions, locations of structure, baits, and gear to use. Another key reason to spend more time fishing. 

It was a cold spring evening, we rushed to the pond for a quick spin after work. We had been relentlessly targeting this reservoir day after day knowing the bass would soon be migrating to their spawning grounds. Knowing trophy fish would soon be gourging on shad. The day was windy, overcast skies, and the slowly rising temperatures were currently low. We had to locate the fish, and we knew right where they would be. We found a prime wind blown secondary point to target, with a small channel the shad would be forced to funnel through. The sun slowly setting, time wasn't on are side.

"These bass are older, wiser, and much more picky."

We continued casting, teammate Elli had a large glide bait tied on. Finally she felt a hit. Instantly she knew she had hooked into a hawg, she could feel head shakes, as she shouted "fish on".  As she fought the fish a bald eagle soared overhead making the moment even more amazing. Finally the bass was in and she was huge, an estimated 6lbs pre spawn female. Just the fish Elli has been in search of for years, her new personal best. Her efforts were all worth it as she looked into the eyes of the biggest bass she had ever seen. She quickly released the fish and began casting again.

It takes dedication, confidence, and proper planning to be able to stick a toad like this in Maryland from the bank. These bass are older, wiser, and much more picky. Takes the right time, place, and bait to land one. Make sure you have the right gear, proud to say my line didn't fail me. Thanks to Bullbuster for the quality line. Get out there, spend more time fishing, and go catch your personal best!

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