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The Fish That Could Put You In Prison- MOI Glassnose Fish

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

A Forbidden Fish Of Ancient Times

As a fishermen I have encountered hundreds of species of fish by now and I'm always learning new myths, recipes and tales regarding each one.

I remember a subscriber commented on one of my videos in the past telling me to harvest one of the funny looking glasnost fish that I cast netted one day. 

He was referring to the fish called the Atlantic MOI or as us Floridians call them glasnost fish. Some people refer to them as glassnose whiting as they resemble the whiting that inhabits our Surfline.

Glassnost Fish

These are very strange looking fish with a crazy glasslike protruding nose at just above their mouth. I have used them as snook bait in the past, but my subscribers have told me they make excellent table fare. 

Well after a day of unsuccessful pompano fishing, all we had been catching were these moi fish. I decided to take a few home and do catch and cook video with them.

I wanted to learn about these fish and a quick internet search revealed a crazy history behind these fish. The pacific MOI a close cousin to the Moi we have was actually only reserved for male royalty in Hawaii, in days past. History has it that the fish would lead to imprisonment back in the day. The fish was highly prized for its table fare and actually almost fished to extinction!   

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