Fishing Report:

The Crazy Haddock Bite

Author: Daniel Lee

Fishing Report Out In Gulf Of Maine!

Thats a lot of fish...

In the past month the haddock in the Gulf of Maine have been on a feeding frenzy. With this being one of the best haddock fishing season we have had in the past few years, limits of haddock have been easily obtained along with a few Pollock and Cusk. With the newly en stated 12 fish limit (haddock) it ensures that everyone will have plenty to eat. alot of cod ranging from 5-25lb are not uncommon, but with them out of season they will sadly be returned. Fishing has been done aboard the captain's lady and captain's lady II which make short work of hour and a half ride to the fishing grounds. The method of choice has been bait on a simple high low rig, but many sizable haddock have been pulled in on the jig. A conventional rod and with a high speed reel spooled with 50lb braid and a 30 foot mono shock leader attached to a high low rig will easily make short work of the 180-200 feet of water that the haddock like to thrive in. Recommended jigs are 4-10 oz Norwegian style jigs, diamond jigs or butterfly style jigs.

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