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The Blacktip Shark Migration Is In FULL Swing!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

February Blacktip Migration In Palm Beach

Blacktip Migration

Every year thousands of Blacktip Sharks participate in one of nature's most amazing spectacles, known as the Blacktip shark migration. This migration takes places along the Eastern Coast of Florida beaches and really hits its peak  in the Palm Beach area. 

The blacktip biomass seems to be concentrated around the Palm Beach inlet area every year, but they also hold in big numbers anywhere from Ponce Inlet down to Miami depending on water temps and other factors. 

This provides for exciting fishing oppurtunites as well as scenes you would see from the Discovery Channel. The blacktip sharks show displays of acrobatics throughout the day as well as make for some amazing drone footage, where they can be spotted just feet off the beach. 

Most swimmers and people are completely unaware of what's swimming right between their legs!

That's a little background information on the shark migration. This is one of my favorite times to fish, because it one of the only times sharks come close enough to shore to cast at. Longer rods from 9ft to 12ft are preferred, with heavy wire leader and 8/0-12/0 circle hooks. I like to use palm sized chunks of bait, such as mackerel, jack, mullet and other oily fish.

On any given night you can end up catching dozens of sharks and the bite seems to be hot all night long. We have been doing relatively well with multiple fish a night and putting lots of friends and family on their first sharks!

I highly recommend fishing a heavy shock leader, such as 300-400lb Bullbuster mono about 3ft of it on top of your wire, then a 3ft top shot of 130lb mono. The heavy leader prevents break offs when the sharks jump and get spun up in the line as well as make it easier to leader the fish! 

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