Fishing Report:

The Acrobat

Author: Reel Smooth Fishing Team

Blacktip Sharks Can Provide An Acrobatic Show

It’s starting to get hot and the shark bite is starting to slow down but the blacktips are still biting. We set up for land based shark fishing out of Fort Lauderdale with a 14/0, 80w, and a Squall, all spooled with Bullbuster braid with a mono topshot, with a couple bonita and a jack for bait. We tried a double circle hook rig on the 14/0 as we keep missing some larger fish, one in the mouth of the bonita, the other in the back of the head. Got a nice run on the double hooked bait, lost him. Bait was chomped right in between the hooks. All we can do is laugh at this point because it seems no matter what we do we’re always gonna get screwed. Couple runs and drops on the Squall in the meantime but no hookups. We decide to rig the 14/0 with a big ol’ jack head. Somehow a blacktip managed to grab it and that was the first fish on the sand. It was a disappointment to fight on the 14/0 but a fish is a fish. She was covered in mating bites from top to bottom, and we tagged and released her. 

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Blacktip Sharks

Next rod to go off was the Squall. We hear the line go off, then a huge splash in the water. It was dark but we could see the figure of the blacktip jumping through the air. We counted a ridiculous eight different jumps throughout the fight. I've seen blacktips jump, but nothing like this. We pull her up, get ready to unhook her, and there’s no hook in the mouth. All of us confused, trying to look how we pulled this fish up, we finally look at the tail, and the fish isn’t even hooked. The wire was wrapped around the tail with the hook just sitting there. We got unlucky with the first bite on the 14/0, but I guess we made up for it here. The shark must have spit the hook mid flight and we lassoed it when it went slack. Definitely made it one hell of a fight. She was also tagged and released to see another day.

Blacktip Shark

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