Fishing Report:

The 2019 Mullet Run!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Footage Of The Mullet Run This Year!

Every year from the Carolinas down to the Florida Keys a massive migration of baitfish known as mullet make a huge migration! These mullet are fueled by cooling water temperatures in late summer/early fall, and make their swim down hundreds of miles to eventually spawn offshore. 

This epic bait migration makes for some of the best fishing along the Southeast Florida coast! Not only does the fishing heat up, but it's like having the discovery channel in your very own background. 

With all the bait nearshore, hungry predators like sharks, tarpon, snook, jacks, ladyfish, bluefish, mackerel and so many more take advantage of this feeding opportunity. It's almost like these predators are bears about to hibernate for the winter. There is so much food available to them, they spend their days gorging on these baitfish.

The mullet run provides land based anglers some of the best fishing opportunities all year long especially from the beach, inlets and piers! one of the fish myself and other anglers spend sop much time chasing is the elusive Silver king, aka the Tarpon. These fish dominate the mullet pods on the beach and there's no mistaking them for anything, as they are found leaping their massive silver bodies into the air. 

The mullet run is amazing in the sense, that land based anglers have an opportunity to target these trophy gamefish from shore! Tarpon are plentiful in Florida all year long, but some true giants can be targeted off the beaches during the mullet run!

I absolutely love the mullet run, as its not only great fishing, but for fishermen its a visual experience like no other. Seeing all these predators chasing mullet and making the ocean coming alive is just something you cannot put a price tag on. 

Like I said earlier its like watching blue planet.

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