Fishing Report:

Thanks Bullbuster!

Author: Cody Dinnocenzo

About Me And My Fishing Life!

I wanna start this off by saying thank you to Bullbuster for letting me join the team! This is my first article so I just wanna say a little bit about myself. I'm 24 years old and live in safety harbor FL(Tampa bay area). I've fished my whole life ever since I can remember when I was little I was on the boat with my grandpa inside the bay. I'm pretty new to the whole sport fishing/ landbased scene. Really I found a passion for fishing to were I go out 3 to 4 times a week about 2 years ago. I kinda messed around when I was younger and always fished but now I would consider it a hobby. I mostly fish bridges inside the bay anywhere from the courtney Campbell, to gandy all the way out the skyway and fort disodo and John's pass by the beaches. Thanks to social media blowing up these last couple years my passion for larger fish really grew. Thanks to a lot of other ambassadors like drag running junkie, landshark and black tip h... a few others too I really wanted to go out and catch fish. Not just any fish either big fish, big snook, big reds and tarpon! Lures like the first light jig and spool teks really caught my eye. I went out and purchased  a penn slammer 3 5500 and an 8 foot star rod mh to be able to throw these bigger lures for these bigger fish. I use all 40lb bull buster braid for strength and casting ability. Any given night I go out I try to target snook, reds and tarpon. Some of my bigger fish include a 36 inch snook pretty big for west coast but I'm looking for a 40+. I've caught drums from 40-42 inches on jigs around 50lbs. Hooked a few tarpon this year but yet to tame the beast.... soon tho soon! I also do a little bit of shark fishing. Mostly all on spinning tackle for now and I've managed to catch 7 bulls all around the 5 to 5 1/2 foot range, a few blacktips but they were all smaller. I do plan on getting a big rod and bigger conventional reel for 10 foot+ sharks!  I know this was a little bit of a rant but I'm just excited to be apart of the bullbuster team!!! Thank you again bull buster and anyone who read this whole article I really appreciate the support! 

Good luck and Tight lines!

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