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TFT Weekly Landbased Shark Report 5/14/2018

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Southern California Weekly Land Based Shark Report:

Ventura County:

                Nice weather and unusually low surf has made for usually easy fishing up in VC. Quite a few Sevengill sharks are chewing, with a few nicer fish being landed on the casted gear! Bait of choice is mackeral or bonito, but there have been a few biters on the ray as well. Rigging for these fish is all about abrasion resistance and a good mono rub leader like the Bullbuster Mono Leaders ( are a must!

Los Angeles County:

                Leopard sharks abound! Wide open bite on the little spotted kittys this week, small baits and small hooks are getting the job done on the casted gear for the LA boys. Quite a few medium grade Bat Rays are getting caught as well. Lighter gear is the ticket and bottom bait presentations are key. Leave the wire at home for this action and focus on mono rigs. Again the Bullbuster leader material really shined here (

                South LA county is seeing a few landbased Thresher Sharks off the piers, Belmont is a good place to start looking for those early season purple sharks! Slide baiting is key, and a low visibility leader like Bullbuster Fluorocarbon ( is a good way to increase your hookup ratio!

Orange County:

                Quite a few fish being caught on the piers this week in the OC! Threshers making a solid showing in North OC, over a dozen fish hooked and a handful landed this week! Get out there and get bit! Fish seem to be cued in on the live baits this time of year, so again the Bullbuster Fluorocarbon ( is gonna be the ticket to scoring that run. There’s even been a couple incidental Black Seabass being caught! This pattern usually holds for a few weeks in the early summer, so if you can find the time get out there and soak a bait for a chance at a real bruiser of fish!

                The south county beaches have been producing as well, steady pick on the Bat Rays on smaller baits, with a few nicer Leopard Sharks in the mix!

San Diego County:

                This week has been all about the Soupfin sharks for our San Diego brothers, pretty wide open bite on these tough fighting sharks! Nicer grade pregnant females are all fired up. Be sure to run a wire trace for these girls, and keep tight if possible, they love to roll you off! Night time seems to be the preferred time, so get off of work and head straight to the sand!


Check back next week for our weekly shark report, and send in your reports to us on Instagram @terrafirmatackle!


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