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TFT Southern California Weekly Landbased Shark Report 5/30/18

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Southern California Weekly Land Based Shark Report:

Ventura County:

 Word from the VC is that the south swell has laid down considerably, but an influx of grass and weed has resulted making fishing tough. Those that can get baits out are still hooking up, things are looking up and the Bat Rays are making a showing for those willing to put on the time to find a stretch of coast worth poking. A good abrasion resistant mono like Bullbuster Monofilament ( is a must when dealing with patch weed!

Los Angeles County:

   Threshers have arrived! South LA County landed a nice T-Shark this week with many more sighted and hooked.Bullbuster leader material really work well here ( Live Finbait or a chunk on a Non-Return Slider with a small hook will give you the best chance. Check baits often and be ready! These little purple sharks can give you a run for the money! North LA county still seeing a lot of rays, nothing to write home about but things can only improve!

Orange County:

  Most of the rays have moved on, the bigger ones are still around however for those that want to get tight on something that leaves a mark! The Soupfin action continues to heat up on the sand, and even a few nicer Sevengills are being hooked! As always, a quality wire ( for these fanged denizens is a requirement, you'd be surprised how fast they can cut through anything less! Threshers have returned as well, mostly smaller fish but some quality animals have been landed as well!

San Diego County:

  Activity continues to be good down south, multi-fish nights a real possibility for those that put in the time. Both Soups and Sevens continue to play ball with surf anglers! The upcoming grunion run should prove fruitful for those that wish to play with the bruisers!

Check back next week for our weekly shark report, and send in your reports to us on Instagram @terrafirmatackle!

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