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TFT Southern California Weekly Landbased Shark Report 10/23/18

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Southern California Weekly Land Based Shark Report:


Los Angeles County:

As the next high pressure moves in seeing some revitalization along the LA coast. Bait is still biting well, and the soupfin are in full swing in north LA. Rumors of some Sevens making a showing at the northern reaches of the county have begun to stir!

Orange County:

OC took a little breather this week. Not much to report other than some missed bites on the beach that probably belonged to the soupfin order of things. Fishing pressure is finally starting to die down as the bite slows, perhaps some fish will get landed now that the crowds have subsided a bit.

San Diego County:

SD county still seeing activity. Seems like the best bet is the sand still, with the soupfin and beter grade leopards making it interesting for the casting crowd. Dropping baits is always a good bet conditions permitting.

Check back next week for our weekly shark report, and send in your reports to us on Instagram @terrafirmatackle!

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