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TFT Southern California Landbased Shark Report 6/27/18

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Southern California Weekly Land Based Shark Report June 2018:

Thresher Shark

Ventura County June Shark Fishing:

The swell and weed have finally slowed down enough to let the surf guys fish seriously, and that has led to some nicer fish caught! Sevens still on the menu up in VC, and the first of the Threshers have arrived at the Ventura Pier. Time to get serious about sliding baits guys!  

Los Angeles County June Shark Fishing:

North LA county has seen some very nice thresher activity this week, some fish up to nine feet have been landed with a few more hitting the deck as well! Get out there are get bit. The occasional soupfin has been around as well, but your time is better spent on the planks trying to connect with a purple one!

Thresher Shark On A Pier

Orange County June Shark Fishing:

The OC finally went off. Threshers abound and the crowds that come with it are here as well. Despite the challenges of fishing in a crowd several nice fish have been landed with two over nine feet in the mix. Get out there and get bit, and remember to be respectful of your fellow anglers, combat fishing can be taxing. The grunion run has brought considerable beach activity as well, with leopards going off hard for the south county guys. Some of them are quality fish, and we can only expect that activity to heat up even more as time goes on.

Leopard Shark

San Diego County June Shark Fishing: 

The fire finally went out in SD county, not as much activity being reported by the occasional soupfin and seven can still be had for those that put in the time. Perhaps the pending grunion swarms will re-ignite the hot bed of activity down in SD! 

 Check back next week for our weekly shark report, and send in your reports to us on Instagram @terrafirmatackle!

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