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TFT Southern California Landbased Shark Report 6/20/18

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Southern California Weekly Land Based Shark Report:

Ventura County:

Swells and weed continue to plague the northern reaches of So-Cal. Guys are getting out and getting bit over the Father’s Day weekend. Nicer grade 7-Gills hit the sand on the kayak drop baits and the usual by-catch has been filling the voids between runs.

Los Angeles County:

North LA county finally saw some Thresher action this week, reports of a solid pier fish in the Santa Monica area signal the start of the season for our LA brothers! The beach crowd is not to be out done, as the soupfin bite has finally heated up for North Los Angeles. Quality breeder fish are there for those that can force themselves to fish through the incessant weed and swell that has been afflicting us here in So-Cal.

Orange County:

The OC has been a ghost town as far as trophy fish goes aside from the usual ray bite. The grunion run brought in a few nice halibut for the shore casting guys though. the bait is around, and the weather is right, just need the sea conditions to settle enough to make fishing in the productive areas possible. The swell is finally supposed to lay down for a few days this week so perhaps the fortunes will improve!

San Diego County:

 SD county is up in flames. Soupfin, Sevengills, Bat Rays, you name it! Get down and get bit. End of story. Be sure to spool up with fresh Bullbuster Monofilament ( ) to ensure that you have the best possible chance to land one of these special fish!!


Check back next week for our weekly shark report, and send in your reports to us on Instagram @terrafirmatackle!

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