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TFT Goes Back East : Florida Report

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

TFT Goes Back East :Florida Report!

While the fishing was slow out West in California, Terra Firma Tackle took the opportunity to head back East in search of some toothy denizens of the deep!

Wind (as usual) in the Keys!

After extensive flight delays on account of weather, we finally arrived, gear in hand, in Homestead, FL. The base of operations for the first leg of our trip!

The first night was uneventful, made a little bait on the bridges, including a much-appreciated green moray (one of our favorite Keys baits!) before retiring for the evening with big hopes for the following day. Unfortunately, at sunrise we were greeted with quite the wind storm! Forced off the bridge by the weather we found drove around looking for somewhere calmer to hide and found a small pocket beach to tuck into and get some baits dropped with the yak! A few short bites was all we had to show for the first day.

The keys have really changed a lot since the hurricane, many of our favorite seawalls and cuts have been altered by the storm surge, but there were definitely signs of life and the scenery was as beautiful as ever!

Day two was more promising, less wind and a little cloud cover seemed to indicate we would have a better chance than previously. We hit some of our favorite bridges: Channel 5, Channel 2, and Long Key, changing locations after each tide swing, but aside from the usual mini species, nothing much to show for our efforts.

Crossing the State: Gulf of Mexico Sharking

The second leg of our journey took us into the Gulf. We had heard reports of smaller tippers and a few left-over Sandbars still around.

Before hitting the sand, took the time to throw some lighter gear in the local lake and had a blast catching all sorts of exotics from Tilapia to Plecos. These smaller game were a ton of fun, and out Bullbuster Braid held up marvelously to the rough structure and brush around the margins!

The next few days were spent on the sand, calm seas and beautiful weather coupled with wide open sharking made for quite the trip!

While the sharks weren’t giants, the heavy Bullbuster Mono and single strand wire held up great, putting plenty of Blacktips and Spinner sharks on the beach!

We even had a surprise visit from a quality Sandbar Shark at one of our favorite spots to catch ray baits in Ft. Meyers. As usual the Bullbuster 100lb Mono got the job done right on the bridge!

Shark Bite Capital of the World: New Smyrna

One of our old friends recently moved to Virginia from California, and we reached out to see if he wanted to meet us on the right coast to do some sharking while we were in town. He agreed to meet up in New Smyrna Beach so yet again TFT loaded the car and headed back across the state of FL to the Atlantic Coast.

Of course, we were greeted with intense surf and wind, seeming to be a theme for this trip, but we went for it anyway. Dropped a pair of massive baits out behind the waves and hoped for some activity that never came.

Shifting Gears: Everglades Trek

Waking up to more bad weather, the decision was made to head
inland, to the canals and waterways to track down some more exotics. Armed with
the light spinning outfits and Bullbuster Braid several species including
Florida Gar, Oscar, Tilapia, and Mayan cichlids were caught and released.

While the weather was not all that cooperative this time around, it was still a productive trip thanks to the Bullbuster lines! To check out all the tackle and products used on this trip, be sure to go to!



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