Fishing Report:

Texas Tarpon

Author: Boca Chica Beach Legends

Big Tarpon Caught From Texas Beach

Part 1: 
Another monster fish for the guys at Boca Chica Beach Legends, this time BCBL's Joe Gonzalez with a monster 7ft 5in Tarpon off the South Padre Island surf. If not released this could have been a potential state record fish landing Joe in the Texas state record books but without hesitation, BCBL's Joe sent this amazing beast back into the South Texas surf. Had Joe caught this fish on October 2nd at Sharkathon this beast would have easily made him $16,000. Maybe next time or maybe this is once in a life time.

Part 2. Got Girth? BCBL's Joe Gonzales gets ready to drag back this 7'5" beauty back into the surf. 

Part 3. Thanks for the fight big girl! After what seemed like a never ending battle filled with multiple reel screaming runs and explosive head shaking jumps, BCBL's Joe Gonzales was able to wrap up the fight and get her on her way! Till the next fishing trip, we'll see you guys soon! #TeamBCBL #SouthTexas #SaltwaterFishing #TexasTarpon #BullBusterFishingLine #GetYourFishOn

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