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Team Hitman Begins 3rd Season Sunset Beach NC

Author: Team Hitman LBSF

North Carolina Summer Shark Fishing Report

Well the time has came on gone team hitman is is now in its 3rd year officially after the annual family vacation to sunset beach nc. Luckily this year we were blessed with great weather. We began our trip by collecting bait in the various cannals on the island with cast nets then migrated out to the pier to try land a few Ray's to use when we paddled shatk baits later in the week. Well we got out on the pier and bait was everywhere in a couple cast of the cast nets we had all the pogeys we would ever need on this trip. The cow nose Ray's were in pretty thick but apparently the Atlantic sharpnose were a little thicker because almost every bait we threw resulted in a landed sharpnose. We were finally able to score a couple cownose Ray's as well as some lady fish that would end up as bait later in the week. We went in for lunch and came back out right around dark and were able to fish for another hour or so with no luck until the pier decided to randomly close 2 hours earlier than the posted time. 

The next evening we hit the canals again this time with cut bait and was able to land a nice 25inch slot red drum as well as a nice sized butterfly ray. 

Wednesday morning we rested up and hit the beach around 630 to send some baits out to the big deep blue via the kayak. Once all 5 baits were sent out we dug in for what would be a long but entertaining night. Too bad the entertainment came from a rambling drunk duo that stumbled upon us and decided to hang out for the better part of the night. Once the sun began to rise the wind died off and the bugs showed up and attempted to carry us off. We decided to call it quits and load up before the beach goers descended to the sandy shore. 

The rest of the week consisted of a little fishing in the canals as well as some surf casting in the evenings but produced nothing notable. 

All in all it was a wonderful vacation time spent with friends that over the last couple years have became family. Like we always say a bad day fishing is still better than a good day doing anything else!

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