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Tarpon Fishing Miami - May

Author: Alex Wexler

Tarpon Fishing From Kayaks

 "I think the point is don't just listen to what people tell you. Put the time in and find what works for you and your style of fishing. "

The Tarpon fishing off Miami Beach has been pretty insane over the last month. The fish are here still here in large numbers and there are are some big ones mixed in.

Tarpon Fishing Off Of Miami Beach

My Tarpon Setup

I spool my rod with 30lb Bullbuster Braid Backing. That is attached to a top shot of 40lb Bullbuster Mono. I then tie that to a 10ft piece  of Bullbuster 50lb Flourocarbon. I use a 6/0 circle hook tied with a loop knot at the end. 

I know that is not the typical set up for tarpon fishing, a lot of guys are goinstraight braid to flouro and using much bigger hooks.  I have tried it and it just doesnt work for me as effectively.  I notice that a lot of the fish I am hooking with the smaller hook are being hooked right in the corner as opposed to the top of the mouth.  The top of the mouth is pretty boney and I believe that the fish you hook there a lot of times throw the hook much easier.

As for the mono I like it much better especially when fishing with bigger baits such as Mullet. The Tarpon are a tricky fish to fight and the fact that mono stretches gives it all the advantage. It will give the play that the fish needs in the fight and when fighting the bigger fish, you have to put the heat on them.  You can feel when the mono is hitting its stretch point and know when to back off if need be. 

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Tarpon Fishing From A Kayak

As for bowing, I only bow when I have a ton of heat on the fish. When I first hook them I use light drag so they can freak out all they want and do their thing. I bow later in the fight when the drag is pushed up and its harder for them to take line off the spool. 

That is just my two cents. I think the point is don't just listen to what people tell you. Put the time in and find what works for you and your style of fishing.  Don't be scared to try new things.  If you lose a fish or 2 in the process don't sweat it because every time you fish you learn. 

Tight lines


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