Fishing Report:

Tarpon Fishing Continues In Miami

Author: Alex Wexler

tarpon caught by two goons

Fishing takes time, the more you have the better you will be.

Went out on a buddies boat last night with high hopes that the fishing would be good again. We also had some more time to fish than the previous night so that was nice. 

We got to the spot a little early and prospected around for a bit. As soon as we saw the shrimp start moving we knew the fish weren't far behind. Our first bite was the right one. A nice 30lb fish came up jumping. In the following half hour we released 3 tarpon, 1 snook, and a few snappers. What was weird was that just 2 nights before in this same scenario we were getting pretty non stop bites by lady fish. Last night we didn't get a single ladyfish bite at that spot.

mouth of the fish

The bite slowed after that initial push and we decided to another spot and wait out the tide. We saw some small busts and birds working the shadow line so were pretty sure we would get bites.  We caught a few mangroves and ladyfish. 

shiny tarpon

The last ditch effort pays off.. at least it did this time.

After that we were feeling pretty tired and decided to give the first spot we were at a ten minute drift.  We knew the tide was going to be more right so we thought it would be worth it.  It was a good thing we did! Right away we got a bite and jumped another off. Right after that I hooked up and got another to the boat. We did another drift and ended up with a double header. One of the fish we got to the boat was about 50lbs, the other one pulled the hook not far from the boat. He looked a little bigger based on a jump he did 15 ft from the boat. 

release of the tarpon

We set up again with just a few baits left. I landed a small one and we caught two more snook and a few snappers. Tired and stoked we called it a night. We ended up going 6 for 9 on Tarpon, 3 snook, some keeper snappers, ladyfish, and a few jacks

some guy who can fish, and a snook.

I went with my light tackle set up to make things interesting. Was fishing 25lbBullbuster Braid tied to 40lb Bullbuster Flouro and a 6/0 Circle hook. 

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