Fishing Report:

Tarpon, Early Season Fish

Author: Big Bully Outdoors

Spring Tarpon Are Showing Up On The West Coast!

This weekend (the first weekend in April) while inshore fishing I couldn't help but run up the beach and into the pass looking for tarpon.  We have had a very mild winter, and warmer than average water temps.  There has been scattered reports of them being caught, but I had to see for my self.  Sure enough they were hanging out in the pass and chewing.. all afternoon!   

Tarpon Fishing Port Charlotte

My guest Steve was hooked up countless times, and we ended up getting a few boat side as well.  As written in previous articles, these fish have some serious arial skills.   Easily throwing your hook with their insane head shakes and arial displays, but thats just tarpon fishing. 

Steve was using a Penn Slammer 6500, this reel packs a serious punch and was great for tarpon fishing.  Bullbuster Braid 50lb to a 6/0 trokar circle hook.  

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Tarpon Fishing Tips & Reports

Need To Get Spooled Up For Tarpon?

For most situations braided fishing line is the go to line for tarpon fishing.  Braided lines allow you to fight the silver king with relatively light tackle by allowing you pack a ton of heavy line (40-80Lb braid) on your reels. 

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