Fishing Report:

Tarpon At Bahia Honda

Author: Austin Porter

Lower Keys Tarpon Fishing

Hello all,

Weekend of Mother's day I headed to Bahia Honda in search of the Tarpon. Woke up both days Saturday and Sunday and got to the bridge about 5:45am. As soon as the sun creeps up their is literally tarpon everywhere rolling.

How to:

Tarpon Fishing Bahia Honda Bridge

You want to set yourself up on either side of bridge depending where current is (Bay side on outgoing and ocean side on incoming) and you free drift a crab on a float literally like your yellowtailing. Once the float is on other side you reel it in and do it again. 

Once you hook up:

As soon as you get a hit you have quick release option on your anchor and you try to force them to other side in open water. The tarpon will try to get through every piling their!

The catch:

Hooked Up To A Tarpon At Bahia Honda Bridge

As soon as you touch the leader try and release the fish as quickly as possible, a weak fish at that bridge is shark bait for those monster hammerheads that roll through their.

We ended the trip with 4-6 tarpon and by 9am both days the bite was slow so we came in. 


Sorry for the terrible quality, you have to pay attention to every piling their so filmed few clips with the iPhone. 

I used mono but you need BRAID for when the Tarpon hit the pilings.

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