Fishing Report:

Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Author: Arvids Gerulis

May Fishing (Tampa Bay)

Tampa Bay Fishing Report and what to expect!  The weather we have been having for the past few days have made the fishing a little bit tougher because of the dirtier water mixed in. 

Snapper Fishing

The mangrove snapper fishing has been good around the passes using bits of shrimp or live shrimp around the Rocky areas where they like to hide and ambush bait. The best time to target the snappers is during the incoming tides when the water is cleaner.

Tarpon Fishing

The Tarpon fishing still remains great and will get better during the next few months. The best bait of choice is live pass crabs which can be caught during the new and full moon tides. During these moon phases the crab flush due to stronger currents out of the Bay to the bridges where you can dip net them for bait. 

Snook Fishing

The snook fishing in the passes has been good and they are biting mostly during the tail end or begging of the incoming or outgoing tides or whenever there is current and water is moving. The best bait for them is a pinfish, grunt, or large live shrimp.If fishing around heavy structure I recommend 50 or 60lb Bullbuster leader material because you want to get these fish in fast without tiring them out too much.

Fishing For Redfish

Also the redfish seem to be biting good during the outgoing tides in the bay and around shorelines using crabs or live shrimp.

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