Fishing Report:

Taking Advantage Of Beautiful Northeast Winter Day

Author: Capt Paul Mandella

Long Island Winters 

The Winter of 2017 here on Long Island has been (thankfully) very tame and I was recently able to take advantage of a particularly beautiful day by visiting a Cupsogue Beach. Cupsogue is a county part bordering the east side of Moriches Inlet and during the winter plays home to a large community of seals. This very same stretch hosts some wonderful fishing from onset of Spring and right through the Fall. However, this time of year it is the seals that draw all the attention.

Once in a while we can also find hawks, eagles and, as was the case on this day ,snowy owls. Overall it is just a great way to get outside, down near the shore and appreciate that we are not buried under snow :)

I timed my arrival to coincide with the scheduled low tide as it is then the harbor, harp and grey seals will "haul out" on the exposed sandbars to rest and warm themselves in the sun's rays. I hit it perfect as there were about 40 seals relaxing on the bar across the main channel.

As the tide begins to rise, and the sandbar gets covered, the seals will slide back into the water, getting back on the prowl for their next meals. When hauled out on the sandbar they seem impervious to the human visitors on the beach. Once back in the water though they are VERY aware of the "strangers" and are constantly looking toward the beach, never getting very close. A pair of good binoculars and/or a camera with a high zoom lens help out the viewing greatly.

Till next time, tight lines :)

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