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Take A Veteran Fishing

Author: Capt Drew

Take A Veteran Fishing For Largemouth Bass

“How much is it going to cost me”? He told me if I took him fishing, that would be enough for him.

So the way I met Laz was crazyyyy. One day, I’m on the way home from a Charter and there’s a truck behind me trying to pull me over.

After pulling over, I meet him towards the back of my boat trailer and he tells me there’s smoke coming from my trailer. 

When we look, the fender has fallen onto the tire and is burning a hole in the fender. He tells me if I follow him to the corner where he lives, He can take the fender off and diagnose the problem.

We literally pulled off the side of the road and made the very first right where he has a full body shop at his home. He pulled the fender off and my crossbar to my trailer where the leaf spring weld is was cracked in half.

Laz told me he could weld it for me and showed me he had all the tools to do so. He said he’d weld the broken side and the other side so that it’s even and it doesn’t happen to the other side down the road.

I asked the question we all would ask, “How much is it going to cost me”? He told me if I took him fishing, that would be enough for him. I gave him some cash when he was done and told him to get ready because we’re going fishing a lot.

Laz is an Army Veteran and avid hunter and Outdoorsman. He told me he’d never caught a Bass over a pound and hadn’t caught too many at all. He knew he’d love it but I don’t think he knew what he was in for. 

Within the first half hour, he was already telling me he’d never caught this many Bass and every fish he pulled in was a Personal Best. 

Right away he asked me why this line we were using was different than he had seen before. I explained to him that it’s a stronger line that’s going to keep those big fish out of the pads, It would have less breaks, It lasts longer on the spool, and we can “Spend more time Fishing”!

Since the day we met, we’ve become close friends talking nearly every day. When you fish with me, on the way, we’re going to do two things. We’re going to listen to some music to get us hype, and we’re going to listen to a prayer or two before we start.

He notices my Faith and tells me at first he didn’t know why he stopped but now that he knows me he understands. He told me that God made him stop and help me. I tell him all the time, when you have faith, God will never leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Thanks for reading,

-Capt Drew

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