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Surf Casting For Pompano, Redfish, And Sharks!

Author: Patrick Meek

Surf Fishing Amazing Catches!

The Pompano bite has died down some, but there are still a few to be found now that our water surf temp has reached 84 degrees. My wife and I went out several times while I was home from work and each time we would leave the beach with 2 or 3 Pompano. Many anglers have given up due to the rise in the water temperature and the June Grass rolling in making it impossible to keep a line in the water. Fortunately, I have a secret spot where the grass is minimum or none at all and away from the tourist crowd.

I've definitely caught my fair share of Ladyfish and Hardtails trying to find what few Pompano remain, but on this particular day one of my rods doubled over and I knew I had something good on the other end. After a short and fun battle, I managed to land a 26 in. Slot Redfish to add to the Pompano already in the cooler. I was using Hi-Vis Yellow Bullbuster braid mainline with 30# Bullbuster Fluorocarbon leader with floats and 2/0 circle hooks. Fresh dead peel shrimp for bait.

With one of the Ladyfish I had just caught, I decided I would liveline the bait out using my 12 ft surf rod, a Penn Torque 7 loaded with 50# Bullbuster braid, a 5 ft 49 strand cable with a 10/0 circle hook. It wasn't too long until I heard the drag screaming! After an 8-10 minute fight, I managed to land a healthy Blacktip Shark. I enjoy catching sharks from the beach using my 130 class reels, but there is just something about catching a big fish with light tackle that really gets my heart pumping!

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