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Summertime Surf Fishing Off The Beach - Pompano & Sharks

Author: Patrick Meek

Pensacola Summer Surf Fishing (Summer 2018)

In the past two weeks, the surf temperature has been approaching 87 degrees off Pensacola Beach. For the most part, a lot of surf fishermen have stored their rods and reels until the fall season. June Grass has been a problem with some and a lot of surf fishermen have just given up on a quality species due to the bait stealing Ladyfish, Blue Runners, and Hardhead Catfish that come with warmer water.

Pensacola Pompano From The Beach

However, I've still been able to catch a few Pompano and managed to avoid the slimy June Grass this summer. For the past two weeks, we would hit the beach in the afternoons and most everyday we would catch 1,2, or 3 Pompano from the beach with the occasional hookup of a Redfish and some Whiting. I use 30# Bullbuster Fluorocarbon leaders with big white floats that mimic a sandflea. My mentor introduced me to the "big white floats" a few years ago and I watched my production more than double not only with Pompano, but other species too. 

Pensacola Surf Fishing

We still have to weed through the "trash" to find the "silver nuggets", but being on the beach having fun everyday living the dream is really what it's all about.  

Before the sun went down, I would cast out a chunk of Ladyfish, Bluefish, or whatever bycatch I may have caught during the day on my 12 ft surf rod that has 50# Bullbuster braid and wait for the sharks to eat. There were many hookup's with Blacktip's and I did manage a nice fat Nurse Shark on my spinning gear.

The shark fishing alone should keep me occupied on the beach until the weather starts cooling off.

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