Fishing Report:

Summertime Snookin!

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Summer Snook In Inlets

For many of us, summer, means SNOOK! 

For those who don't know already, Snook spawn in the summer time, between the months of June and August. The peak of the spawn is between June and May. What does this mean for fishing? It means the Snook bite is ON! 

Full Moon Snook Spawn

In a nutshell, here is what happens. The Snook spawn around the full moons and like chilling in the inlets to spawn. So, around the full moon, we like to fish the inlets and the beaches. The best times to fish the inlets and beaches are strongly tidal dependent and each spot is different. Generally speaking, it's best to be in and around the inlets near the full moons. 

Summer Snook Between Moons

Between the full moons, these fish are in hardcore eating mode. Most, not all, but most fish move out of the inlets to nearby bridges and other ambush points to fatten up before they go back to their spawn around the next full moon. This is when we like to fish the bridges. Much like the inlets, bridge fishing is very tidal dependent and each spot is different.

How To Target Summer Time Inlet Snook

As far what to use goes, I like using very standard colored Flair Hawk jigs on 80lb Bullbuster Flurocarbon. There are a ton of other baits that work great, but something about a flairhawk bite keeps me throwing them. It's so aggressive and you'd never think it would work by looking at the thing, but it does! The jigs work great! Also, they are cheap! 

Each Spot Takes Time To Learn

Unless you go out with someone who already has it dialed, sadly, the only way to figure out each spot is to go. As they say, "you don't know unless you go." 

        Summer Time Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing Etiquette

One thing that I feel that I need to mention is respect. There are guys out there that do this religiously and take it as seriously as we do our offshore fishing. People that are better than 90% of the guys that try to do this and better than we could ever hope to be. You won't be able to know who these people are just by looking at the tackle they have, so please respect everyone you see out there. Don't walk up right next to strangers and cast on top of them. If it's a small bridge and it's packed, move on and try on the next tide cycle. If you do this right and have friendly conversations with people, you just might make a very valuable friend. 

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