Fishing Report:

Summer Time Peacock Bass

Author: Albert Acosta

South Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Nice Peacock Bass

Juan's Personal Best Pea

Summertime is here! Now I know what your going to say... isn't it always summer in Florida? For the most part this is true but May, June, July, August it gets extremely hot and humid and the fishing really picks up especially for the always angry peacock bass. So a few days ago good friend and co-worker Juan told me he wanted to fish... he told me he's never really fished and wanted to start and take up a hobby. I said let's go I got something for you that your going to love... Peacock bass fishing. 

"I showed Juan where the peacock bass was, he made the cast and on the first try he was hooked up."

Juan had never caught a peacock bass or really fished so I had to get him started with rod reel set up and showed him the to cast, reel, catch bait, hook the bait, and how to fight a peacock bass. We set out first to catch bait and I had the live well running in the back of the truck. I wanted to show him the entire process on catching some nice peas. After about thirty minutes we had some nice live bait ready in the live well ready for some peacock bass summertime action. 

Once we loaded up with bait we started looking for peas... it did not take long, we spotted one cruising the banks.  It was a nice male peacock bass and he looked extremely hungry and ready for a fight.  I got Juan and we loaded a bait on his hook and I showed Juan where the peacock bass was, he made the cast and on the first try he was hooked up. After  a short fight he landed his first peacock bass he was thrilled! ... it was a nice little male and after quick few pictures we released him. 

Juan's First Peacock Bass
First Pea

We moved to a second location and scouted around first before taking any baits out.  It's important not to take the baits and handle them too much it will weaken them and make them not as presentable as a nice frisky live bait so we keep them in the live well until we see some nice peacock bass. I didn't see any but saw some nice Lilly pads out a few dozen feet. So Juan put a bait on and made a few cast.  All of a sudden he says he feels tension on his line and boom!  yeah fish on ! 

After a nice run I could tell it was a nice fish and little by little as he brought it in the fish started to really fight hard it made a few jumps... I saw it was a nice peacock bass I didn't want to make Juan nervous but it was a nice one! After a nice fight he got it close and I was able to grab him. It was a beautiful peacock bass! What a great fight he had and great jumps. We took some pics and video and set him free. 

Juan's Personal Best Peacock Bass
Nice Pea

We then moved to a few other locations and found several peas hiding from the heat in deeper water. It was late in the day and I think they were just relaxing deeper. We through our baits in and within a minute we were both on our lines were tight and we had fish jumping. We had multiple double headers with some very beautiful peacock bass. 

Double Header
Peacock Bass Double

Juan also caught his first Mayan! They are the peas favorite food source. The Mayans grow to good size as well and put up good fights to. 

Mayan and Peacock
Juan's First Mayan

The day was wrapping up and we had solid action. Juan caught his first peacock bass and a mayan! He loved it and wants to fish again. You couldn't ask for anything else! Tackle used was Bullbuster Braided Fishing Line 30lb and Bullbuster Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 30 lb. This is perfect set up for this type of fishing and keeps you ready for any really big peas, snook or tarpon that feed in these sane waters. Order your line online and spend more time fishing! I hope you enjoyed my article! Now get out there and fish! 

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