Fishing Report:

Summer Is Definitely Here!

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Summer Fishing In Boca Raton

You can always tell it’s officially summer when the spring slay of Kings, Tunas, Mahis, and Bonus Sailfish hits a wall….. of Bonitas! They wipe out your spread like a flock of seagulls on a bag of potato chips on the beach! BUT, don’t be completely discouraged, there are still diamonds to be found.

"Be patient, enjoy the workout, you WILL get bit by quality fish if you put in the time in"

When we’re meat fishing , the chum mixture is a major key. Now, I’d probably be made into chum if I told you what exactly goes into it, but It’s a chunky mix if sardines and other goodies. This type of chum attracts fish to the boat, and the chunks keep them around the boat. This is especially true when Tuna fishing, but the Kings and Mahis roll up in the slick just as often. When Bonitas are around. Within minutes the water is boiling all around your boat when your throwing chum.

Summer Tuna Fishing Boca Raton

Here’s the key…. Be patient and enjoy the workout. You WILL get bit by quality fish if you just put the time in. Spend some extra time or money on some extra bait as well. You’re really going to need it.

"Be patient, fight through the bonitas, and enjoy them in any way you can"

The other day we fished out of Boca Raton. We set up in about 250 for a long drift in front of Highland beach. We put out 3 kites, 3 flats, and 2 down baits, a total of FIFTEEN LINES! We were lucky enough to find a couple of nice Mahis and Kings before the bone heads showed up.

Then………. they did show up. In a big big way. At one point every single rod on the boat was hooked up. We had guys fighting 3 fish at a time. ALL BONITAS! The good news is, Bonitas are GREAT for other applications. Use their belly for Swordfish baits, Make strips for Planer trolling, or freeze em’ whole as shark bait.

We ended the day with Some Nice dolphin, a few nice kings and a decent tuna, about 20lbs. So again, Moral of the Story, be patient, fight through the bonitas, and enjoy them in any way that you can. 

Fishing For Kingfish In Boca Raton

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