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Still Think It's Safe To Swim?

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Sharks Naturally Swim Along The Beach

The question of "Is it Safe to Swim at the beach" has surely run across almost every single persons mind. Our culture is surrounded with shark paranoia and media that depicts these animals are ruthless killing machines!

One of the things I love doing with my youtube videos is educating the public, especially those not well versed in the outdoors. As fishermen own South Florida we know that blacktips and other sharks cruise our beaches and this has never stopped me from swimming in the water, but a lot of beachgoers simply don't know that sharks do in fact cruise the shallows. 

After fishing the blacktip and as seen in the video with how close we catch sharks from shore, the notion that Big fish swim in shallow water is reaffirmed. Sharks especially at night come into very shallow water often within feet fo the shoreline to feed or do whatever they do as apex predators. I wish more people knew this and knew that that the ocean is not a swimming pool, but in fact a diverse and beautiful ecosystem at work! 

Every time you enter the water you are entering the home of thousands of Apex predators, that could potentially accidentally bite you. The problem with our culture and media is that that these accidental attacks are blow way out of proportion and measures such as closing beaches are taken! This is ludacris! 

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