Fishing Report:


Author: Tyler Feijoo

Sticken Pigz Tournament

Well me and Cat. Steve Brown Lee set out to win the Sticken Pigz Tournament for the third year in the row. Well we managed to catch all the right species but not the size we wanted. We ended up going grocery shopping !!!!! Man are Redfish, Trout and Flounder are good !


One of the most important things I stress about when I'm Fishing for Redfish is bait quality and quantity! You want variety and quantity! If you ever heard the saying if you chum they will come. Well its true its hard to catch fish next boats like mine that are throwing hundreds of baits constantly chumming of the bow. Get yourself a net and BAIT GRIND BABY!!!!!! I personally throw a 10ft 1.5lb per foot Calusa Cast net its not to heavy to throw and it sinks just fast enough. Bait loves to hang around the flats but once you get good with the net head out to the range markers. Time the drift of the net when sinking and placement and throw with the wind always. If you do that correctly you can throw the net to where it sinks between the range markers legs and that is where the most bait holds. They use is at protection from predators.

Please let me know if this was any help for you guys!

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