Fishing Report:

Steadily Picking At Sails Into 2017

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Slow start and an incredible finish, Sailfish by the hundreds!

With the start of 2017 came the first REAL cold front along with the first REAL push of sailfish for the season... and it was NUTS! 

Since the start of Sailfish season around the middle of October the sailfishing has been decent. You've been able to get out and release a few pretty consistently and a few boats able to put up double digits. It's has been great, but nothing insane. As we moved into December, the rest of the country was freezing as the South Floridian Sailfisherman was waiting tirelessly for a late Florida cold front. 

January 5th the 80th annual West Palm Beach Silver Sailfish Derby has begun. This tournament has been known for the insane numbers of sailfish released by the fleet of around 40 boats. Unfortunately the cold front was 2 days late and the fleet struggled over the 2 days of fishing. Our team, Niche, was able to finish right in the middle of the pack with only 3 releases and the winner finished with only 9. Its was slow fishing but what was to follow was legendary! 

1 boat 31 Sailfish!

January 8th-12th held some of the largest numbers that this area has seen this season, and even within the past few years. The Gold Cup Sailfish Tournament Fleet released nearly 500 sailfish in 4 days of fishing, and another tournament fleet released nearly 300. Each fleet had about 20-25 boats fishing the tournament. Perhaps the most impressive day was had by Miss Annie releasing 31 for 45 sailfish hooked. 

Since then the fishing has been slow but we're still able to pick away at a few sailfish. This past weekend, Jan 15th, we managed 1 sail up in the Juno/Jupiter area. There are still plenty of Mahis around to have fun with in between the sailfish too!

From here on out we're just waiting for the cold fronts! Get out there with some gogs and throw up some kites in Palm Beach! You've got a good shot at a world class day. 

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

Get a hold of our brand direct fishing lines to join a movement. 

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