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Starting Off The Season!


 Warning Sharkaholics Ahead, You've been Warn...

This weekend I made a trip out to edisto island with Rob from lowcountry sharkaholics and Shane who is a local lbsf fisherman. Rob and Shane got there Friday afternoon and dropped some mahi heads at 100 yards in 30ft of water. They caught 5 sandtigers on Friday. I joined them Saturday with more fresh mahi heads that we yaked out 150-200 yards. Rob's 14/0 got hit while I was dropping a bait. I got back in time to hold the mouth open so Shane could get the hook. Unfortunately it had swallowed the circle hook so we cut the cable and sent the lazy beast back into the ocean. It was pretty calm for the rest of the day, my bait got picked up around 4pm but the shark dropped it. Shane's 50 got hit but again no dice. At approximately 6pm a Large school of pogies (menhaden) showed up but they were to far for me to cast net them. So I jumped into my kayak and threw from there, I got whole net loads of pogies. Rob tossed one out on the surf rod and within seconds had a bonnethead on the beach. At about 9pm my 9/0 got a massive hit but spit the bait. Shane packed up and left, he was to tired. Rob started packing up but as he was reeling in his 14/0 something pulled back. Sure enough there was about a 6ft sand kittie that just sat there most of the night chewing on a mahi head. We unhooked it, got some photographs and released it. I tripped over horseshoe crabs while dragging it back. All in all a good night but I'm ready for the blacktips, lemons and bulls! Goodbye Sand Tigers! 

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