Fishing Report:

Springtime Pelagic Mixed Bag!

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Saturday Mixed Bag Fishing

With the official first day of spring right around the corner, we couldn't be more stoked. Spring is our favorite time of year for fishing offshore because everything seems to go ballistic. The bait starts to come back, the Kingfish bite heats up, the big Blackfin Tuna start to show up, the Mahis are in shallow, the Wahoo chew around the moons, and there are still loads of Sailfish around. Each of these factors add up and you end up having a great mixed bag of fishing. 

"The bait starts to come back, the Kingfish bite heats up, the big Blackfin Tuna start to show up, the Mahis are in shallow, the Wahoo chew around the moons, and there are still loads of Sailfish around."

This is exactly what happened over the past few days. After checkin' out the Dania Flea Market on Saturday, we had a nice window of NE wind so we went out for an afternoon session. Inside of 3 hours of fishing we ended up 3/4 on Sailfish with a couple of nice Kings which we actually managed to hook rather than getting bit off. We had bites all up and down the water column and even picked up a sail on the down bait.  

underwater picture of a sailfish

Sunday Fun-day.

Sunday looked like rain but we managed ourselves around it and got a half day of fishing in. The wind was still high but it switched from NE to SE which we expected to shut the Sailfish bite off. Sure enough it did, but this gave the Kings a better chance and we ended up with a few nice 20lb+ Kingfish. We lost a stud Blackfin right at the leader but who needs sushi anyway. 

Gaffing A Kingfish


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