Fishing Report:

Springtime Peacock Bass Attack

Author: Albert Acosta

Nice Day For Some Fresh Water Fishing!

Springtime Peacock Bass
Little Pea Pig

Florida winter is over and the peacock bass come out to play! Peacock bass don’t like winter in Florida and once springtime arrives they come out of their winter lairs looking for food and mates. Spring makes the males seek mates to start their spawn and they are very very feisty and once they find their mate or mates they will guard the nests with all their might! This time of year can be very exciting as the peacock bass will take live bait, lures, jigs and any other type of bait that is thrown near them. I like to use a medium / light set up of Bullbuster 20Lb Braid with 20-30Lb Floro for these fish. I stick with the heavier leader due to the rock ledges and occasional snook or tarpon that lurk these same waters. I was on vacation spring break week and I had these fish on my mind all week and had a day set aside for a peacock adventure. I woke up early as the sun was rising and went off to catch some bait. The bait was scarce but i did manage about half a dozen ice baits. I made a few stops at a few locations in search of peas or bass. I was not seeing any swimming around so I thre a bait in the water to see what was lurking and I saw a green flash come up from the depths! My line was ripping threw the water as a hungry male peacock bass engulfed my bait..... I set my hook and the fight was on. After a few jumps I worked the fish close to shore and grabbed him. He was beautiful and very very angry! I took a few pics and set him free back to his murky lair.

 Springtime male Peacock Bass
Angry Peacock Bass

I kept fishing but nothing else was lurking in this particular spot so I kept moving. I went to next spot and threw in a couple of baits but nothing came out. I grabbed my other rod and started throwing my MadjuicyBaits Golden Shinner jerk bait working the ledge drop off from the shallow flat area and deeper drop off. As i was jerking the lure erratically darting back and forth I saw a very nice pea chase the lure down and smack it hard! It was a nice male and he meant business! The angry pea made a few nice runs and jumps as I worked him close to the shore. The hook set was solid and I had him good....he was not going anywhere. I scooped him up and admired his brilliant colors....truly a gorgeous fish with a nice hump on his head. This fish was all lit up...I took a few pics and put him back in the water and made sure he was revived good after his hard fight. I continued to fish and landed 4 peas all nice ones that did not hesitate to hit the live bait or lure. Make sure you take some time to go after these will not be disappointed and will get some real nice steady action on lures and live bait. Keep looking for these fish in the shallows around any structure like logs, branches, rocks or weeds. They will be around bait as well if you find any decent bait schools like Mayans, bream, or minnows. Once you find them you can sight cast to them or blind cast area with structure near by and you will find them. I like to use jerk bait type lures and top water slow sinking type lures as well as swim baits like swimming shads in white or tiger stripe type colors. Here is link to my Instagram with short video of some of the peacock bass from that day.

Hard Fighter!
Pea Released to Fight Another Day

Remember to practice good catch and release with these fish and ensure you revive them good especially as the waters warm up. Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines @ I like to use Bullbuster 20Lb braid with 20-30Lb Bullbuster Floro. It’s a perfect match for these fish and will keep you ready for anything else that shows up.

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