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Spring Amberjacks Are Back!!! Key West Fishing Report!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Amberjacks Fishing In The Florida Keys!


Every springtime, one thing I highly anticipate is the congregation of big amberjacks on our Florida wrecks. These giant fish are powerhouses that will test your tackle, patience and brute strength!

This Is a report from a Key West trip I took last week. My buddy Kody invited myself and a couple of friends down to fish with him after his morning charters. He told us he had a wreck loaded with Amberjacks up to 70lbs and that they were hungry!! He didn't have to tempt me with a good time hahah.

Before the trip I melted down a bunch of unpainted vertical jigs as these jigs can be very expensive in stores and Amberjacks are really not that picky. They don't seem to care about color or anything as long as you are working your lure fast and in front of their faces. 

We rolled up to the wreck in about 300ft of water and were greeted with a fish finder that was lit up all the way to 150ft up from the bottom! We started to drop our vertical jigs and instantly had a double hook up, followed by a triple.

The AJ's were coming way up off the wreck in search of our jig, as there were multiple times were we pulled hook only 50ft under the boat and another fish had eaten it shortly after. 

These fish require some serious gear for two reasons. #1 being the sharks that lurk below waiting to steal one of your amberjacks. #2 is the wreck or structure itself in which the Amberjacks generally run towards when they are first hooked. The wreck and its debris and declines can easily break you off.

We were fishing 50lb Bullbuster braid and 80lb fluorocarbon leader to stop these brutes!

Hope you all enjoy the video! 

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