Fishing Report:

South Jersey Backwater Report

Author: Scotty Sevins

Mid summer backwaters of South Jersey can be a difficult place to put together a decent session.  In my area We have been battling extremely dirty water conditions that has had plumes of silt suspended in the water for over a week and a half.  As the waters warm fishing seems to slow up and the summer doldrums set in.  The skinnywater striper bite has been tough as the bay side have been invaded by massive schools of cownose Rays that seem to have bass running for cover and not in their normal haunts.   Boat traffic  Is at an all time high.    I have ultimately Been sleeping in and taken the creepin while you sleepin approach to everything.  The pay offs Have been huge.   Fishing is all about stepping outside the box.   Think different try different things and be willling to take a calculated risk because you might find yourself on the biggest or best of your life.   Mid summer is not a time well associated with striped bass.  But the last few weeks have been incredible.  The above bass was 32in with the most obscene belly I’ve seen on a fish of that size. Proof they are alive and eating well.  Tight lines and fish harder then the next guy and try new areas and tactics

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