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South Florida Freshwater Fishing - November Edition

Author: ScottRoseFishing

November Fresh Water Fishing Report

November has started to show the true current state of fishing in Florida.  Hurricane Irma is 2 months in the rearview mirror and the freshwater fishing is finally close to stabilizing.

I will give a quick breakdown on all the places I guide - the Florida Everglades, the Miami canal systems, and lake Ida.

Regarding the Miami canals, the peacock bass bite is finally starting to get hot.  It was a tricky bite for a while after the storm but I am now consistently finding 25-50 fish days on my guided trips for peacock bass.  This last week I guided for peacocks 4 days and caught an estimated 140 fish.  With all of the water flow due to excess high water in the everglades, the canals are constantly fluctuating in water level as well as oftentimes having flow.  When this is the case, I look for the cleanest and slowest moving water I can find.  These areas, when combining those two factors, have been absolutely loading up with nice peacocks.  Sometimes I have been shocked by how loaded up they have been in these specific zones.  The peas are eating live baits very aggressively but we have taken several on fleshy articulated flies as well as jigs on the spinning rods.

Peacock Bass Miami November

Out in the Everglades, the bite is simply not good.  Extremely high water levels have crushed just about every single canal and flat out there, and the fishing is really suffering as a result.  Very few fish of size and not much numbers to speak of.  For the ones I have caught, they have came on the Gambler EZ Swimmer and Big EZ, Zoom trick worms, and a few on various jerk baits.

Lake Ida is simply an excellent location right now for action packed fishing.  High numbers of peacock bass, largemouth bass, as well as a strong chance at a clown knife represent a typical day out there.  I have been out there two times in the last two weeks and caught over 50 fish all three days, with 4 clown knife fish mixed in.  A few of the clowns we have caught have been right at double digits.  Ida seems to be the least effected from Irma out of all of the spots I guide in.  These fish are crushing live baits, and that is definitely the way to get those clown knife fish.  However, the peas and largemouth would take a ton of various artificial presentations or flies right now.

Clown Knife Fish A Night

As December rolls around, I expect the water to begin to drop as well as the peacock bite to really start to catch fire.  It should be an excellent month and a true turning point for the upcoming season.

Thanks for reading!

Tight lines,

Capt. Scott Rose

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