Fishing Report:

South Florida Dolphin Fishing Report

Author: Mike Milewski

The dolphin are starting to make there way north and are currently passing though South FL! It is time to get out there and target them. There is nothing like some fresh Dolphin Tacos!!!

When chasing or trying to find dolphin one of the best methods is to run and gun! Setting up a spread and trolling the “ledge” does work and will hold some great fish depending on the time of the year. But we are running offshore to find some productive areas before deploying our spread. Now what to look for you?? We are looking for the following indicators:

·         BIRDS!! BIRDS!! (Especially Frigate Birds)

·         Rips

·         Color Changes

·         Temp Breaks

·         Any floating objects

·         Weed lines

All of the above bullets should or will potentially hold bait. Of course the dolphin are chasing the bait. So once we find a production area to work, we then get out the spread. Now, depending on the size of your boat and crew the number of lines will vary substantially! On our boat we will run a five line spread listed below. We have run up to seven.

Spread Details:

Long line (First line out): Bird teaser with a skirted hook

Port Down Line (Second Line Out) Planer (#4), 80lb 50ft leader,  to a skirted Bonita strip  

Starboard Down Line ( Third Line Out) Planer #2 or 18oz lead 80lb 50ft leader, to a skirted (islander) ballyhoo.   

Port Out rigger: (Fourth Line Out skirted (islander-Blue/White) ballyhoo.   

Starboard Out rigger: (Fifth Line Out) skirted (islander-Pink) ballyhoo.   

Many times you will get multiple bites so be prepared and make sure you keep the boat moving forward! We often engage our auto pilot to keep the boat moving on the same heading. This will help eliminate a big tangled mess!!

Also once you get your dolphin close to the boat be on the lookout for some friends. Keep a spinning setup with a pitch bait ready at all times!! You just never know what is going to happen next.

So now its time to execute and get on some Dolphin!

Tight Lines!!!  

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