Fishing Report:

South FL Dolphin Report

Author: Mike Milewski

Lately we have been out trolling for some dolphin and they are around in good numbers. Of course during the fall we start to see some bigger Dolphin push on through during their normal migration patterns. It does seem a bit early for the fall migration, however you never know!  When we are putting dolphin into the box and onto the dinner table I am not going to question it!!  

Of course, make sure you are working production areas to locate some dolphin. Find a rip, birds, temp break (If possible) weed line, or any other type of debris that would hold bait. This will give you the best opportunity to get a bite and make some tacos of course!!  

However, lets dive into our rigs and spread when targeting dolphin. Of course everyone's boat and spread are going to be slightly different. On our boat we will run 5 lines. 1 shotgun line ,1 on each outrigger and two deep( # 3 planer & 48oz trolling lead) 

We keep our rigs simple. It all starts with a traditional pin rig. Below are the details on our pin rigs. These rigs are simple and easy to make. Also reusable!!! In addition we can rig different size ballyhoo as well as Bonita strips with the same rig. We tend to have at least eight baits rigged and ready before we leave the dock. When one color or skirt seems to be hot, using a pin rig makes it easy to get out a fresh bait within a few seconds. I highly recommend making own rigs and rigging your own baits.  

Pin Rig Materials:  

  • 6 feet of bullbuster 150lb leader material 
  • 6 feet of bullbuster 300lb leader material (Down baits)  
  • 9/0 O’Shaughnessy Hook 
  • Springs  
  • ½ inch of 80lb wire  
  • Crimps  
  • Favorite skirts (Islander’s are what we like)  

Now that you have your rigs made get out there and put in the time and effort to find some dolphin. Keep in mind the more time you put in the more fish you will put in the box. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get tight immediately! Keep grinding and working production areas you will find a few for sure!!   

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