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Solo Trip Bull Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Solo Shark Fishing, Sometimes you just have to go it alone.

Set out on a solo trip recently. Had the itch to get out and on this night the rest of the squad were occupied. I hit a Beach and put two 14/0's out. While I was wrapped in my blanket I got a call from Jonathan who said he felt like fishing after he got off work. I told him partner I got two rods out you can take one. 

Shark on Bullbuster mono

"Just as I released the Bull Shark Jonathan shows up to the beach"

So Jonathan says he's on his way after work. I was laying in my blanket on the beach solo and remember being on the phone with JD when one of my 14/0's  filled with Bullbuster Monofilament gets picked up. I let the fish eat and then I stick em and the fight is on. After a good battle I see a Nice Sized Bull Shark. Not the biggest but it's a Nice Bull. Once I get it in really close I set the rod back in the spike and quickly grab the leader. I beach the Bull and put my camera on self timer, take a couple of pics, dehook the Shark and let her go. Just as I released the Bull Shark Jonathan shows up to the beach. He just missed it. The rest of the night is very quiet but a good night with a Nice Shark landed and good times on the beach.

Caught on Bullbuster Monofilament

Shark on Bullbuster Mono

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