Fishing Report:

Solid Tiger And Lemon Shark

Author: South Florida Sharks

600 LB Grander Leader saves the Day!!!

Me and my buddy Rooster had this trip planned for a while  and rode on over  to the east coast with a cooler full of bait. Got there Kayaked out 3 reels a barracuda on the duel a whole cow nose on the 14/0 and a grouper carcass on the 12/0. Setup camp and got comfortable ended up passing out till around 5 AM. Sun came out around 7 AM and the 14/0 with the whole cow nose started rolling nice and slow. I harnessed in and Layed into the fish it was on… decent weight but didn’t feel too big. After about a 15 minute fight the tail was seen a solid tiger around 9’. Got the tail rope on the fish got the hook out and snapped a few pictures good thing I had the 600LB BULLBUSTER Grander leader or he would’ve frayed me off . 

Later on we decided to pack it up and move south to look for more bait and setup further south was fishing a inlet in search of jacks and barracudas had on big one smack the tube lure but ended up missing hook set. Later on that night we paddled out baits this time a Jack on the 14/0 barracuda on the duel and another grouper carcass on the 12/0. Early in the night the 12/0 got hit was pulling good drag we for sure thought it was a big bull or decent tiger got the fish to the sand ended up being a lemon around 7’6 snapped a few pictures and got the fish back in the water ASAP.

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