Fishing Report:

Snook Fishing With Plugs At Sebastian Inlet

Author: Logan Bergamo

Sebastien Inlet Snook Fishing Report 

Sebastien Inlet Snook

Are you making a trip to the east coast of Florida anytime soon if so take 5 minutes of your time reading this. Coming to Florida to catch big snook and redfish well if you are make sure head over to Sebastian Inlet State Park for a lifetime experience. You can fish many different ways to catch snook at Sebastian. The one way seem to find pretty easy is drifting plugs (windcheater, super strikers, etc) all your gonna need is spinning reel that holds 375yrds of line and has a pretty fair amount of drag. For leader you want bull busters fluorocarbon/monofilament 130lbs (about 5-6ft of that) tied to your main line FG/Double uni to uni on the other tie your plug on. You want at least a 9ft rod so you can be sure to get your plugs out far enough. Once you are ready to start fishing get down on the cast into the OUTGOING tide and let your lure drift back about 100-165yrds back then close your bail and start reeling in slow or sweeping the lure back.. That all to it Drifting plugs is pretty simple good luck out on the water and keep your lines tight.... One more thing once you hook your fish it could be a snook tarpon or redfish if it’s an snook or redfish you can on the rocks and your gonna want fish grips to grab your catch unless you catch an tarpon then you need to go to the beach.

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