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Snook Fishing Anna Maria Island

Author: Albert Acosta

June Snook Fishing Anna Maria Island

Carlito with first Anna Maria Island Snook


Florida my home fishing paradise! 

We planned a family vacation on Anna Maria Island with my family which included my mom, dad, brothers and nieces and nephews. We had a house literally a three minute walk from one of the most beautiful soft powder sand beaches in Florida with pristine clear turquoise water. 

Anna Maria Island
Surf Fishing

So you know I packed all my fishing gear and was ready for some relaxing beach time and some surf fishing! One of my favorite types of fishing is surf fishing right off the beach or near jettys along the beach. There's something about surf fishing at night from the's quiet...just the sound of the surf breaking along the shore...the stars and moon lighting up the night sky... and the fish that hunt those shores at night! 

"What I do during the day while I'm at the beach is catch the live bait that these fish feed on ... at night. "

Fishing from the beach or jettys at night can be very productive as several gamefish become very active at night like the snook, tarpon, and redfish. I like to fish from the surf at night with jigs or swimming shad type lures but I really enjoy using live bait caught from the beach shoreline. 

What I do during the day while I'm at the beach is catch the live bait that these fish feed on especially at night. These can be pinfish, greenbacks, sand perch or whitefish. I use a cast net to catch them while walking the shore during the day. I usually catch about a dozen and a half of them and put them in a five gallon bucket with a aerator pump to keep them alive until I use them. More than that in the bucket and they will die or not be as lively. Here is short video of me cast netting them and the type of bait I like to use. 

Keeping them alive is tricky, what I do is keep the pump running all day and change the water at least two times throughout the day. That will keep the bait frisky and fresh.... like I say it keeps them magical ! My nephew Carlito helped me during the days to cast net and keep the bait alive so we were locked and loaded. 

The day before I put in an order with Bullbuster for some shirts for my nephew and sister in law.... I was not disappointed, my order arrived in one day! My nephew Carlito was styling with his new Bullbuster shirt! My brother David and Carlito and I headed out to get some snook.

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Snook Fishing

We had our Cabo's loaded with Bullbuster 30lb Braid and 40lb Bullbuster florocarbon. You have to be ready for anything a monster snook, red or big tarpon. I looked at the tide table and wanted to get the last of the outgoing tide and get the incoming tide. 

At first it was dead but then it heated up and Carlito threw out a nice live bait as the tide was ending and it didn't take long ..... boom... Carlito was on and the fish made a nice run towards the rocks but Carlito was able to turn him and bring him in. As the fish got closer we could see the glowing eyes that we were looking for... a nice snook! We scooped him up and he had his first Anna Maria Island snook! He was thrilled! We took some pics and set the snook free to grow big. 

Carlito First Anna Maria Island Snook

We kept fishing knowing there were more fish around, we could hear the pops and swirls of fish feeding on the baitfish not far from us. My brother put a live bait on and threw the terrified little bait into the mayhem. It was just a few minutes and my brother was on...another snook. We landed it and then set it free to hunt again. 

Little Brother David
Night Snook

We caught a few more then the action started to fizzle out so we called it a night. It was getting late and we were happy with our catches especially Carlito! Night fishing can be great but you have to plan and spend time getting ready and find the right locations. But when you get everything right you will not be disappointed! Stay tuned for my next article of my last fishing night in Anna Maria Island. I hoped you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember order your fishing line and gear at Spend more time fishing! 

Carlitos Snook

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