Fishing Report:

Snappers, Peanut Bunker, Mullet And More

Author: Ryan Carson

New Jersey Inshore Fishing 7/27/2018 

The back bays of NJ are filling up nicely with the smaller bait fish. Snapper bluefish, finger mullet, peanut bunker, killies and spearing almost everywhere I stopped this morning. It didn’t take long to find them as the snappers where constantly pushing the mullet and peanut bunker to the surface. All of these make great bait this time of year and taking advantage of netting them yourself there is nothing fresher than live bait.

 As far as the sizes go the snappers where in the 5-6 inch range. The mullet where from 3-7 inches. The peanut bunker where 3-4 inches. Killies where ¼ inch-3 inches and the spearing where 2-4 inches. There was plenty of all you just had to be patient enough for them to get into casting net. Being able to watch from above with the full moon made for a great show at 4:30 am this morning. As the sun came up the bait fish moved to deeper waters and took the rays with them.

Crabbing seems off to a great start.  While using the live snappers, peanut bunker and mullet I pulled up multiple nice size blue claws that actually where holding on them even after bringing them out of the water.

Overall a great quick morning jumping from spot to spot checking on how much bait was in the bays. Over the next month or so the bait will get larger and will present a great time to stock up on the tons of bait that will be in the bay.

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