Fishing Report:

Snapper Slappin

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Fishing For Mutton Snappers!

Worked a trip today on the mystic rose boat out of jupiter fl. Hit some rock piles right out front of the inlet and boy were they chewin. 70 ft of water and fishing 1.5 oz slide rigs with 10 foot bullbuster 40 lb leader and dead sardines. Mutton snappers chewed on the spool. Had 8 muttons over 5 lbs and various lane, vermillion, and  muttons in the box. Also landed 7 kings up to 20 lbs. pretty much just worked that area for the morning trip. Happy customers. 

Had to work a little harder in the afternoon trip. We got them but they didnt come as easy. 

Mutton Snapper Bottom Fishing Florida
Fishing For Mutton Snapper
Kingfish & Snapper

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